Plan Effort In Time
& make project people really count

For your Project Based Enterprise

Plan Effort In Time <br />& make project people really count

Effort Management Can Be Complex But No Longer Is It Too Hard

For Project Based Enterprises (PBE) RESRODEL is the resource role model to plan just enough people in time

Maximise your enterprise’s future

  • Workload capability
  • Team utilisation
  • Project delivery
  • Bottom line performance

RESRODEL is the only system dedicated to PBE effort management.


RESRODEL Will Answer...

"Are we going to be capable of meeting our obligations, or our opportunities?"

"Are we going to have enough people?"

"Do we have too many?"

"Has my project been assigned the people I need"

"How much do I have to do and in what time?"

"Is our utilisation forecast too soft, or excessive?"

"Shall we take on permanent staff, or temporary contractors?"

"When can we change our people numbers?"

"Which people for which activity?"

"Who do other parts of the enterprise have, or need?"

RESRODEL Is For Enterprise's That Include:

  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Delivery agencies
  • PMOs
  • Joint ventures
  • Manufacturers

RESRODEL Gets It Together

To maximise your enterprise’s performance and delivery, RESRODEL gets together your:

  • effort estimates & schedules - for all your projects
  • roles & availability – for all your people

At its simplest, RESRODEL produces 3 key indicators that forecast how your people numbers will influence the success of your PBE.

Resrodel is not just project management tool. It is a whole of business or enterprise methodology for planning people numbers and their implementation.

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